Genesis Management Services Pty Ltd   MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS


Bill Wright B.Com MBA






Business services for primary, secondary and tertiary businesses (including tourism, property & education) are available for the following management functions:  
  • planning     (e.g. strategic plans, business plans, project plans) 
  • marketing   (e.g. marketing plans, product development plans, research)
  • finance                (e.g. budgets, financial modelling, funding)
  • human resources (e.g. selection, training, organisation development)                   


A good consultant is a generalist - with a good nose for strategy. Only then does detailed strategic, business or marketing planning make any sense. As also the need to assess how well strategy is served by structure (the allocation of physical, human and financial resources). Yet the consultant should be savvy enough to be able to drill down to specialist areas in the quest for managerial effectiveness.


Financial Management                                Physical Assets Management           Product Development Management  
Product Development Coordination         
Business Plan Management    Business Plan Administration   
Project Coordination                                   
Financial Administration                     Introductory Tourism Accounting