Genesis Management Services Pty Ltd   MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS


Bill Wright B.Com MBA






SUNDRY WORKSHOPS - in strategy, planning, organization development and financial management over an extensive career in line management and consulting (for business and government organisations).

Includes assistance with Strategy Development Workshops for FastTrac Australia



TEACHING IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - Masters, Advanced Diploma and Degree Level in Strategic Management, Marketing, Financial Management, Accounting, Project Management, Public Finance

ALSO: Marking MBA exams & assignments in "Strategic Management" & "Strategic Marketing" & guiding and marking MBA Research Projects.



NATIONAL CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT  - Development of National Core Curriculum Statements and subject material for the Australian Committee for Training Curriculum (ACTRAC) for Business Plan Administration and Business Plan Management, Product Development Coordination, Product Development Management,   Tourism Operations Management, Financial Administration and Financial Management. Development of complete learning modules for Australian Travel Agents Qualification Panel (ATAQ) for Financial Management, Project Coordination, Physical Assets Management